Pilot Brothers 3D-2: Secrets of the Kennel Club [Ru] K-D lab / 1C 2005

This is the second game of the 3D quest series "Pilot Brothers 3D". While Boss and Colleague rest after a roaring closing of the Kitchen Garden Wrecker Case, life prepares new surprises for them. One of the Berdichev's freemen - an amateur historian, calls in the detectives for help. He asks them to find an eternal historical valuable - the diving-suit of the famous explorer, who carried his last expedition in Berdichev before the epoch of historical materialism. Nothing remains for our Brothers but to begin a new investigation! The scent bring the Pilot Brothers to the mysterious Kennel Club. It seems that there is nothing mysterious in an institution like that. But the detectives dig further - all is not as it seems, especially in such a bizarre town as Berdichev. They begin to go undercover... The investigation turns out not so easy, but now Boss and Colleague have a new true friend and four-footed helper - the Dog. It plays an important role out in this case helping Brothers to find the secret object of the club - the place where the threads of the mysterious and dark affairs happen in Berdichev. The historian-friend will be glad too - the diving-suit will be found! The detectives will even dive with it to the Drowned Club's Registry with incredible results. Finally Boss and Colleague meet the Man in Black who will even give them evidence.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 776MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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