Pilot Brothers: Secret Of The Atlantic Herring [Ru] Pipe Studio / 1C 2006

This the sixth adventure in the Pilot Brothers series of games based on the popular Russian franchise. The main heroes are the two cartoon brothers - Chief and Colleague, who live in a small Soviet town of Berdichev and search for missing animals. The game starts with the brothers reading a newspaper (as always). Since all the herring from the local shop made a great escape through an underground tunnel, they decide to catch it and jump straight into canalisation. Another character from the series — an unlucky Slave from some exotic country — falls down after them and joins the team with a manhole cover in his hands. For the first time a game in the series goes the platform/puzzle way, utilising a cooperative style between characters very similar to The Lost Vikings games. Each character has his own special abilities. Chief can fight enemies and shoot enemies with a handgun. His colleague can run and jump at a high speed, as well as destroy walls with a hand pick axe. Slave uses the manhole as a protection device and a hand parachute. Together they have to pass through 20 levels divided into several themes (bank, prison, historical museum etc.). There are different enemies and obstacles on their path, including walking mummies, angry janitors, lasers, elevators and other platform elements. The game features a colorful 2D cartoon graphics, hand-drawn backgrounds and lots of goofy animation similar to the cartoons.
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Russian Full Demo 229MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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