Dr. Šílenec [Cz] / Świrus [PL] Crazy Computer Confederation, Mirage Interactive / Vochozka Trading 1996

Dr. Šílenec (Dr. Madman) is an adventure for Windows 3.1 completely translated from Polish into Czech which uses the model of science-fiction movie Twelve Monkeys. The player takes the role of Philip who is one day awakened by his own double. He has used time travel in order to save the world from a disaster. A mad scientist seeks ransom under threat of release of a lethal virus. Politicians do not meet his demands and the professor executes his plan. Many years later, the remnants of humanity invent time travel technology. The protagonist of the game goes back in time to a period of a few days before the attack in order to save the world. During the adventure the player will move to the Middle Ages to finally get the antidote. The game utilizes the command verb-based SCUMM interface. The player constructs commands by selecting an appropriate verb and then combining it with an object or an inventory item. Objects that can be interacted with are highlighted when the player places a cursor over them. By pressing the right mouse button directional arrows appear. They allow the player to move between sites. The right mouse button can also be used for studying objects. The disc version was extended with a stage played in the future in a totalitarian police state (between Middle Ages and game's finale).
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Czech Full Demo 2.6MB (uploaded by DJ OldGames)
Polish CloneCD ISO Demo + Demo + Pre-installed Floppy Full Demo + Scans (provided by Karsa Orlong & upped by Scaryfun) 283MB

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