Woodcutter Story, The / Namukkun Iyagi [K] Mirinae Software Inc. / Pantech Corporation 1996

Namukkun Iyagi is a Korean-made adventure game based on the tale of the woodcutter and the fairy. A poor young woodcutter has to work for a greedy merchant, cutting trees all day. But when he helps a little deer, things begin to change. He meets a miraculous woman - but will he be able to do what is right to call her his wife? The gameplay follows the Western point-and-click template. The four command icons, corresponding to the actions of walking, examining, touching, and talking, can be cycled through and used on any object in the scenery; however, only a few can be interacted with. Objects are not highlighted. Most of the puzzles involve collecting inventory items and then using them on the right object. Dialogue is non-branching.
Korean ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 13MB

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