Prince And The Coward, The / Galador [G] / Książę i Tchórz [PL] Metropolis Software House / TopWare Interactive, IPS Computer Group Sp. z o.o. 1998

This is a classic 2D point and click comical adventure. The game is set in a fantasy kingdom. This game tells the story of Galador. Actually, it's about a normal young man who wants to become rich and famous the easy way and signs a contract with a demon to do so. His soul is transported into prince Galador's body whose own soul is sent to Hell. Unfortunately, Galador was in the middle of battling the feared Black Knight and the young man who has taken over Galador's body runs away instead. The king is shocked and upset at his son's actions and banishes him from the kingdrom. He meets a graveyard digger who need help to resurrect after a thousand years an ancient magician named Arivald. He will aid you the remainder of the game and can usually be found in the town bar. Galador's ultimate goal is to go to Hell and get back his old body. Some inhabitants of the kingdom will help Galador but others - for instance the Prince of Vampires, a fiery dragon, devils or an angry dwarf - will not, or at least not voluntarily. During the course of his quests Galador will meet a strong headed and sharp tongued young woman wearing a mask who seems to detest all men but because she too holds a grudge against Hell, she will temporarily pool forces with Galador in an effort to get there.
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Russian Full Demo 291MB (
German ISO Demo 401MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
German 2001 Re-release Clone ISO Demo + scans (provided by nightson & upped by Molitor) 502+23MB
Polish Clone ISO Demo 450MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
English DOS Demo 15MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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