Kajko i Kokosz: Twierdza Czarnoksiężnika [PL] Egmont Press / Cenega Poland 2011

Kajko and Kokosz: Fortress Wizard is a traditional adventure game point'n'click type with a style harking back to the classics of the genre. It presents the new adventures of the two Polish cult comic-book heroes - Kajka and Kokosz. Each of the more than 40 locations in the game is painstakingly painted to best give the unique character and style of the comic. This enhances the characteristic humor of the comics by Janusz Christy, who amuse both children and parents. Stop an evil plot as Kajko and Kokosz roam the graphically polished and true to the original world and prove themselves in 15 logic and arcade mini-games. The game was also released in 3 seperate episodes with a comic book: 1."Mirmiłowo Wielkie", 2."Podstęp Kaprala", 3."Rozprawa z Hodonem".
Polish DVD ISO Demo 966MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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