Blake and Mortimer: The Tables of Babylon Sanuk Games / Némopolis, Plug In Digital 2013

Explore, enjoy and think in this game based on the Belgian comic book. This is the key formula of an exciting adventure amusement full of mini-games that will lead to the search of the first origins of writing in 3200 BC in the Sumerian empire. 1956: The Suez Crisis. While Paris, London and Tel Aviv are under pressure from Cairo, mysterious murders decimate the very select circle of archaeologists. Is there a link between those facts and the various threats that are terrorizing the free world? You will have to be clever and work alongside with Blake and Mortimer to investigate in riddles, as well as scientific fantasy. This will take you all around the world: the sources of civilization ... into the ruins of ancient and mysterious Babylon. But it will not be easy: the clock is ticking! Will you be successful in time? Especially twenty mini-games will challenge your sense of deduction: quizzes, puzzles, teasers, cryptography. The game uses the Unity engine.
Full Demo 74MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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