Diamond Bird [Ru] Union Interactive / Sevur-Arts 1996

We play on a quest and solve puzzles where logic dictates life itself. But not just that, a child will learn the use of magic, use home technology, movement in space, and simple logical thinking. Mysterious Russian soul disturbs and frightens humanity over the past few centuries. Our hero (and it can be anyone) will meet with a lot of characters, each of which lifts the curtain of secrecy. It's based on Russian folk tales. You are the King's son, and it just so happens that your mother is seriously ill. To save her, you must find a lot of variety of things and in the end must kill the grass snake Lyuty. With each level, the game becomes more complicated, so we'll have to think more and more . However, the main thing is to carefully read all the cues and take a closer look at the screen. The game contains on disk a solution. To pass each level, you need to solve the kind of puzzle: poke around, and combined the two things to the next level. By the way, here you can die by accident. In the corner of the screen you have is a dagger, which is gradually covered with rust at the point which is like the vital energy bar in shooters.
Included in Diamond Bird & Magic Dream - Russian ISO Demo 392MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)
Russian ISO Demo 52MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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