Die schwarzen Reiter [G] Motelsoft / Kelly Media AG 1999

In this role play game adventures, you steer a party with up to 4 members. The child of the king was kidnapped by the black riders and it is your task it bring him back again. But without a well trained party, you do not have a chance to come far in these hostile times. Therefore, you should collect some combat experience. Visit in the cities the tavern to rest and meet dealers in order to sell articles and to buy better equipment. Use the churches around to let your characters heal. Accept orders to earn money and get important articles, which are essential for the further play process. Money is needed urgently for better equipment, magic drinks and membership in a guild. Members of the Druid guild can buy spells in the charm shops and learn spells. Travel to strange countries and investigate. Find the black riders and return the kidnapped king's child.
German Free Game 334MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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