Great Little Johnny: Hero of Safe Sex / Velikolepnii Vovochka [Ru] Macho Studio / Akella 2002

Great Little Johnny, Man and Sex Giant, wants to get in the Guinness Book of Penis Records. To do this, he needs to pass the standards of the International Masters. This means that you are going round the world, journeying in search of the most exotic sexual partners. From the Amazon to the inventive Japanese women to the charming Israeli soldiers, everywhere Little Johnny should visit. Sow the seeds of good ... and, if possible, to avoid the machinations of your enemies. As a real super-hero, hewill face minjas, astronauts, eunuchs, lower army officers, and other dangerous items. But the reward will be in heroic truth - at the end of each level, he will see a striptease, performed by live girls. And the better Johnny will cope with his responsibilities, the more explicit the scenes he can see! Are you ready to conquer all the women of the world? There's more than 30 animated characters and two hours of exciting video striptease with erotic scenes from the performance of leading Russian porn actresses.
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Russian ISO Demo 637MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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