Great Little Johnny 2: Hero of Erotic Dreams! / Velikolepnii Vovochka 2 [Ru] Macho Studio 2003

This platformer sequel is still a representative of the genre of erotic arcade. This time our hero refuses to participate in the next seduction competition. Completely tired of sexual conquests, Johnny wants only to get some sleep. Excited and driven by the desire to get all the beauties of the universe, he falls asleep and travels to amazing worlds populated by unimaginable creatures, many dangers and obstacles. It has a new graphics engine. Over a large set of colorful levels, Vovochke will meet with the most sophisticated fruits of his overactive imagination. Just imagine, on the way to an extraordinary girl with a thin waist and passionate eyes, suddenly appears a thick, completely naked madame, who instead of having a head, there's a real bomb with a fuse. Why wouldn't Johnny not set fire to it? Like the hero of "Star Wars", he's armed with four types of slaughter weapons. New graphics engine has full support for a huge number of effects including dynamic lighting, depth effects, shadow and smoke, fog, and much more! It has more than 16 game levels and 8 hot erotic videos!
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Russian ISO Demo 559MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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