Seymore Butts Interactive 2: In Pursuit of Pleasure New Machine Publishing 1994

Seymore needs your help. His dreamgirl Shane is stuck in Canada. As Seymore's friend, you need to help him find a way to get there, keep him out of trouble, and have as much fun as possible along the way; make the right moves and you'll get to have sex with a dozen of the hottest babes in Seymore's neighborhood. Make the wrong moves and Seymore will end up lonely and possibly injured. Get to Canada and he'll have the best sex of his life with his girlfriend Shane. The DVD version has Extras: some of the scenes have a multi-angle option. There are also about ten minutes of outtakes from the entire feature. Bonus scenes are included from Seymore and Shane on the Loose, Seymore and Shane Playing with Fire, Seymore and Shane Do Ireland, and Seymore and Shane Meet the Naughty Nympho.
Intro Video
2CD ISO Demo 922MB (uploaded by Scaryfun)

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