Incredible Adventures of Van Helsing, The NeocoreGames 2013

This is an action rpg. Put on your wide-brimmed hat, grab your weapons and embark on an incredible adventure in the gothic-noir world of Borgovia, where mad science threatens the fragile peace between monster and mortal. Be Van Helsing, monster-hunter extraordinaire and save the day with your charming and beautiful companion, Lady Katarina (who happens to be a ghost, by the way). Explore the savage wilderness in the mountains and the soot-stained brick districts of a grim metropolis twisted by weird science, and don’t forget: you might never know who the real monsters are! Enter a memorable gothic-noir universe filled with monsters, magic and weird science. Play through a refreshingly unique story, spiced up with wry humor and snappy dialogue. Fight fierce battles against supernatural foes with diverse skills and abilities. Use the special abilities and tailor the skills of your remarkable follower. Customize your character through a detailed level-up system where you decide which skills and abilities you’ll need for the hunt. Modify your skills on the spot with a unique power-up system. Learn the secrets of mystical alchemy and forge powerful items. Build and develop your hideout and place traps to defend it from waves of terrible monsters. Gather the members of the Resistance and decorate the hunter’s lair with valuable trophies. Become the greatest monster slayer of all time while playing a co-operative multiplayer monster hunt up to four players.

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Complete Pack Demo 2.93GB (uploaded by Gamer's Hell)
ISO Demo 9.92GB (uploaded by redunka)

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