Karma: Immortal Wrath Gensoft / Dragonfly 1996

Karma signifies ties and destiny. The basic background of this Korean-made roleplaying game is like a confrontation of good and evil but ultimately, it is not. Zid Hartman was born with a complex fate and the secret of his birth. How it was hidden and who has raised him cannot be known but Zid is a mercenary soldier in the Azores and as such feels alive only when brandishing his sword. To him, the Egoilde continent is neither beautiful nor dreamy. He is a character that receives work and has to see blood and death before peacefully falling asleep. The story begins when he discovers the secret of his birth by killing his father who had been chased after within a conspiracy of dishonest gods without his understanding. This does not mean that Zid fights for righteousness or vengeance. Zid, who is filled with retribution for the deeds of a former life, overcomes his deeds through his two colleagues and opposes against the dishonest gods of the world and meets his destiny till he feels his limitations. The outlook of the world of Karma can be considered as being a bit cynical. There exists no awareness of good or evil amongst the characters. There only exists the road chosen for them.
Custom Italian ISO Demo 185MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Korean ISO Demo 187MB (uploaded by Old-Games.ru)

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