Jay Jay the Jet Plane: Sky Heroes to the Rescue Brighter Child Interactive 2002

Based on the PBS series, Jay Jay the Jet Plane features Jay Jay, Tracy, Herky, Brenda Blue, and many other regular characters from the show as they try to save the Sparkleberry Tree of Pangabula Island. Specially designed for children ages three to seven, the gentle jet and his friends teach a wholesome lesson in conservation as they gather water, food, soil, fresh air, sunshine, and a special ingredient for the sad and unsparkly Sparkleberry Tree. Already targeted to younger children, the three difficulty settings help tailor the game even better to its audience. A child of four with enough hand-eye coordination to operate a mouse could successfully complete the game on level one with little help, while a seven year-old with computer experience could play on level three to face a stronger challenge. In each activity, children identify letters and colors and practice putting letters in alphabetical order, solve mazes, follow directions, and can learn about nature while watching short video clips of Brenda Blue and her "Think About It" commentary. To obtain the items necessary to save the tree, players visit Cloud King's Castle, Terrytown Quarry, Terrytown Hardware, Smog Patch, Pangabula Island Forest, and Savannah in the clouds. After helping Jay Jay and the others complete the activity in each location, one of the six items for the Sparkleberry Tree is awarded. For example, players can get the fresh air at the Smog Patch by helping Herky find his way through a maze of clouds and blow away the smog with his propellers. Food can be obtained at Tarrytown Hardware by catching letters in a barrel to spell a word. Once players have the water, food, soil, fresh air, sunshine, and the special ingredient, they can fly to the tree and make it sparkle once more. When the tree is colorful and sparkly again, it will bear Sparkleberries of different colors, which children can click to create musical notes. They can choose to create their own music or follow along with color-coded berries to play familiar tunes, such as "Mary Had a Little Lamb." An option to record and play back the songs is also available.
ISO Demo 222MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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