Ghosts 'N Goblins Capcom Co., Ltd. / Capcom U.S.A., Inc. 1987

This is a sideways scrolling action platformer spread over six levels, each of which must be completed within three minutes (or a life is lost), taking in forest, village, mountain and cavern settings with increasing difficulty. Arthur the brave knight must rescue his beloved Princess from the Demon King Astaroth and his forces - amongst them are the various undead (ghosts, zombies), bats, ogres and goblins. Other challenges include moving platforms, ladders and water/fire hazards. As in most games in this genre, the player can pick up power-ups such as daggers and bombs during the course of the game, giving the player greater firepower. The game is often considered very difficult by arcade standards and is commonly regarded as one of the most difficult games ever released. A fan remake done with BlitzBasic was done in 2004 with graphics comparable to the original arcade version.
Full Demo 231kb (uploaded by Abandonia)
Free Fan-Made Remake 5MB (uploaded by Classic Retro Games)
included in Arcade Blockbusters! - Floppy Image ISO 5MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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