Petka 9: Proletarian Glamour [Ru] Saturn Plus / Buka Entertainment 2009

The ninth installment in the long-running Russian adventure game series, sub-titled Proletarskiy Glamur ("Proletarian Glamour"), once again follows the adventures of the titular Petka, his commander Chapaev, and the sexy Anka - all real participants of the Russian Civil War of 1918, who became the target of countless jokes during the Soviet period. This time, the trio receives an assignment to travel to the year 2150! It appears that in 2008, the USA and other countries decided to use Russia as a dumping ground for garbage. Fearing that the Russian would object such treatment of their country, the Americans used an advance technique to brainwash them, rendering them helpless. Such as the situation when the heroes arrive in New Moscow of the 22nd century, determined to save their homeland. It's a puzzle-solving adventure game. The player advances the story by talking to characters, and completing various tasks, mainly involving manipulation of inventory items. Just like the previous installment, the game is done in full 3D, both for characters and background graphics.
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Russian DVD ISO Demo 4.49GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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