Great Work, The Nifflas 2013

This is a platform adventure deeply inspired by the Knytt series that follows the metroidvania outline of interconnected passageways strewn with items that grant new abilities and access to new areas. Featuring an alchemy-infused story, The Great Work was made to help promote Bautafilm's latest film that follows the story of Christer Böke, a man who took a year off from his job to become a full-time alchemist. You are the apprentice to Fulcanelli, an alchemist who thinks he has just produced a philosopher's stone. Your job is to transmute the stone to gold. How you do that is anybody's guess. Not wanting to disappoint, you head out into the dusk-drenched world and encounter other alchemists, items both useful and mysterious, transmutation furnaces, and hosts of natural barriers to block your progress. Players have to manually swap, take, equip, or unequip them (in the case of wild animals chasing you for your honey scent).
Free Game v1.0.0 35MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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