Dungeon Master II: The Legend of Skullkeep FTL Games / Interplay Entertainment Corp. 1995

The evil is returning. Defeated and banished from Zalk ages ago, the despicable Dragoth, master of evil and chaos, is amassing his dark minions and preparing to return with the intent to destroy the peace and tranquillity of the land. Your mission is to find the four keys that unlock Castle Skullkeep and reactivate the Zo Link portal that leads to the Void. Only then can you and your party of four would-be heroes (chosen from 15 Champions, each with unique attributes), confront Dragoth's invading army of dark denizens, and prevent the evil from gaining entrance into your homeland. This is a fantasy role playing game of epic proportions with real-time combat, traps and puzzles to solve, vast areas to explore, and a host of deadly creatures and characters to overcome. You and your party will travel through villages and forests, exploring temples and dark foreboding places, on the way to the ultimate destination of Castle Skullkeep's menacing underground passageways and dungeons. The game features both keyboard and a point and click mouse interface as well as 3D sound effects. Monsters, magic, and dungeons await you. It's just another evolutionary step along the road to perfecting the craft of development of consumer interaction in a detailed, finely tuned, alternate reality environment. In this case, the game builds on the original Dungeon Master game in terms of enhanced graphics and sound with a more complex storyline, character attributes, etc. In 2004, a fan released Return To Chaos, a Windows clone that features the original graphics and dungeons for both Dungeon Master, Chaos Strikes Back and Dungeon Master II, but customization is possible: you can replace all the graphics and sounds.
Full Demo 11MB (uploaded by Abandonia)
Full Demo 12.5MB (uploaded by GamesWin)
UK Clone ISO Demo (blackmArket rerelease) 91MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Return to Chaos v0.49 fan-made Windows clone of Dungeon Master, Chaos Strikes Back and Dungeon Master II 12.6MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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