Piposh 3D: HaMahapecha [He] Guillotine / Atari Israel Ltd 2003

This marks the return of the failed actor Piposh, for the first time in 3D. The game features traditional point-and-click adventure gameplay, with the addition of a handful of mini-games such as racing and poker. This time, Piposh is asked to deliver an expensive earthenware vessel abroad. After the vessel falls off the plane, Piposh finds himself searching for its broken pieces in the strange country of Pozpozmeijan. Things get even more complicated since Pozpozmeijan happens to be on the brink of revolution, and Piposh has an uncanny resemblance to its president, which does not go unnoticed.
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Hebrew Level Demo 41MB (uploaded by Official Site)
Hebrew 3CD ISO Demo 529MB (uploaded by idmeples & Scaryfun)

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