New Bremen [Ru] Saturn+ / Buka 2000

The heroes of a Russian animated movie from 1969 "Bremen Town Musicians" have grown considerably older and entered a new age of endless entertainment right in a 2000 cartoon, and in this computer game that's based on the movie. What is more important: they have adapted to the new times. The main bandit became a banker, the detective went to her service, and the "melodious guys" in the entourage of this new reality nevertheless remained good heroes. The music is taken from the movie. In this game, you must first play for the villains, and then the heroes. The action contains only the key moments of the story. In particular, in the second half of the game, the detective goes to the side of the Bremen Town Musicians, and almost all the subsequent plot is original.
Russian ISO Demo 322MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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