World Of Warcraft Blizzard Entertainment Inc. 2004

This is a MMORPG based in the Warcraft universe which became, with over 8 million subscribers as of March 2013, the most popular MMO ever. The player creates a character choosing from 8 races and 9 classes. Most races start in their own part of the vast world. As the races move out from their starting locations, they can meet the other races if they choose to move out through the world. Both races and classes have unique abilities, skills, and spells to help them survive in the world. The game offers professions for players to learn, if they want. You have the choice of 2 major professions, such as Alchemy, Herbalism, Skinning, and Tailoring, as well as the ability to have unlimited minor professions, such as Fishing and Cooking. Progressing in these skills allows you to make more things or have better results from the skills. The gameplay is similar to most other MMORPG games, where you must go out into the world, complete quests, kill monsters, and level up your character. And, as often is the case, you also will want to find, make, or buy better equipment as you go along. There are multiple levels of equipment from normal to artifact based on rarity. The player can also join various guilds and parties. You also can move quickly between areas by learning to ride a mount when your level is high enough, or taking another form of transport that you can't control movement for, such as train, griffon, and more. On Aug 26/2019, World of Warcraft Classic was released that is a server option running alongside the main version of the game. It recreates the game in the state it was in before the release of the first expansion, The Burning Crusade.
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Starter Edition - Free Limited Version (uploaded by Official Site)
Wrath of the Lich King - 10-Day Free Trial (uploaded by Gamepedia)
World of Warcraft Classic Video/Screenshots

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