Trial of the Schnellersparrow Viktor Pflug (Pinback) 2009

This was made by an Australian in 11 days for the Monthly Adventure Game Studio (MAGS) competition, in addition to the soundtrack which was largely composed earlier. Two scientists embark on the first flight test of their flying machine, built secretly somewhere in the Swiss Alps. It seems that flight-driven steam engine aircraft (somewhat similar to the airship) runs smoothly. But it would, of course, be too good a thing for when you least expect, there is therefore a failure. To make matters worse, one of the researchers is seriously injured. Playing the second, you will have to temporarily fix the problem and lead to the safe return on the mainland. Before it is too late. It has wonderful, gorgeous graphics, and a very immersive, and very steampunk atmosphere that really make this game stand out.
Free Game v3 15MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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