Twelve Chairs, The [Ru] Saturn Plus / Buka Entertainment 2002

Ippolit Matveevich Vorobyaninov was once a rich and influential member of Russia's merchant class. But the revolution of 1917 took his money and his position away from him. Now he works in an office in a little Russian city. Suddenly his mother-in-law becomes gravely ill, and tells him a big secret before she dies: when the revolution broke, she had hidden her diamonds in one of the chairs standing in her living room. The question is: where are those chairs now? And in which one are the diamonds? The quest for the lost treasure leads Vorobyaninov and his side-kick, the sly thief and swindler Ostap Bender, to a journey through the early Soviet Union, full of surprises and bizarre encounters. "Twelve Chairs" is a satiric novel written by Ilya Ilf and Jevgeny Petrov about 1930. The novel quickly became a cult book among Soviet citizens, mainly thanks to its critical approach towards the regime and brilliant humor. Now it appears in a form of a classic adventure game in spirit of Curse of Monkey Island, with cartoony graphics, plenty of characters to interact with, and tricky puzzles for the two heroes to solve.
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Russian 2CD ISO Demo (provided by bfg9000 & upped by Scaryfun) 0.97GB

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