Nine Worlds: Hosted by Patrick Stewart Digital Ranch / Palladium Interactive 1996

This is an interactive tour of the planets of our galaxy, narrated by Patrick Stewart. Each of the planets, save Earth, has a QuickTime overview and guided tour given by Patrick Stewart. Players are also able to view pictures of a planet's moons, if it has any, view the planet's physical characteristics and look at a vacation planner for the planet. The vacation planner shows the more famous sites and conditions of the planets, and gives players facts about the planet's temperature, how long it would take to reach the planet by jet plane if you left earth today, how old you would be if you were born on that planet (based on how long it takes the planet to orbit around the sun), how much you would weigh on the planet and an interesting fact about the planet. In addition, the program allows you to tie into the Nine Worlds website on the Internet, where you can converse with other people interested in astronomy, experts and ask questions of the experts.
ISO Demo 641MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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