Time Almanac Compact Publishing INC / Softkey 1990

Take a multimedia journey through TIME! Welcome to the TIME Magazine Compact Almanac. A comprehensive multimedia news reference containing: 6 full years of TIME Magazine, 1989 - Jan. 1995. Selected TIME covers and graphic charts, current events videos and four multimedia special reports on National and World Politics, the Environment, and Diversity in America. An informative and entertaining collection of TIME articles about people and events of the 20th Century, historical news videos and photos, and two multimedia anniversary TImelines of 1945 and 1970. An almanac of interesting and useful facts and figures about the U.S. and the world with full color maps and graphic charts. NewsQuest, a challenging news quiz game with more than 2,500 questions and quotes from TIME Magazine. It has access to TIME Online, the weekly electronic, interactive edition of TIME magazine, via America Online. There seem to have been 1990 through 1997 and 1990's versions.
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1995 ISO Demo 346MB (uploaded by mklgw1985)
1990 ISO Demo 100MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
1993 ISO Demo 547MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
1990s ISO Demo 524MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
1997 ISO Demo 638MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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