RISK: The Game of Global Domination BlueSky Software, Inc., NMS Software Ltd. / Hasbro Interactive, Inc. 1996

Considered by many as one of the most popular battle strategy board games ever devised, the ageless game of global domination is now available on CD-ROM in Hasbro's line of traditional board game conversions that include Monopoly and Trivial Pursuit among others. Aspects of the classic game, like building armies and seizing territories, are brought to life through animation and graphics. The version also offers a variation on the classic game, titled Ultimate Risk, which further enhances gameplay by including weather, terrain, POWs, and more, features not possible with the limitations of the board version. These features add a new dynamic to the already challenging game by forcing users to consider alternate strategies from the original board game version. Five maps are available for strategizing, including the classic world map with six continents and the American map, with 14 additional countries and 153 territories. If playing the classic version, players choose from three varying game objectives. In World Domination, the last player standing wins the game, while the Capital Risk module establishes a goal of conquering the opposing player's secretly designated capital. The last objective, Mission Risk, involves completing a mission designated by drawing a random card. In addition to the three objectives, the territorial option is available in Ultimate Risk. The object here is to attain an empire of a predetermined size quicker than your opponents, who can be either computer-controlled or up to six humans via a modem or LAN. When you're fighting computer opponents, the game utilizes AI to learn from gameplay, making it more challenging to attain the illusion of world domination.
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ISO Demo 292MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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