Frogger Millennium Interactive Ltd. / Hasbro Interactive, Inc. 1997

This is an updated version of the original arcade title made popular in 1981. The game is now rendered with full 3D environments, an increased number of levels, hordes of new enemies and enhanced and new moves by Frogger. The game supports both solo and multi-player modes (up to four players with split screen action). The game can be played over LAN or modem-to-modem. Frogger has 35 levels of play, ten complete 3D worlds in which to interact, and enhanced sound effects with an original musical score. In this iteration, Frogger employs several newly developed weapons including a Power Croak, Super Jump and Heat-Seeking Tongue.
Full Demo 14MB (uploaded by Abandonia)
ISO Demo + Mirror 404MB (uploaded by Meddle)
Prototype Build - ISO Demo 390MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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