Stratego Minds-Eye Productions / Hasbro Interactive, Inc. 1998

The classic board game Stratego gets the 3D treatment in this release. For those unfamiliar with the game, the object is to discover the opponent's flag before he or she discovers yours. Play begins with each player positioning 40 ranked units on a board composed of 100 squares. Players then take turns moving a piece one space forward, backward or sideways as they try to reveal enemy units hidden from view. In order to uncover the opponent's unit, a player can attack a piece by moving it within the same square occupied by the enemy. Whoever has the higher ranked piece wins the battle and removes the defeated unit from the board. Besides ranked units, there are also immovable bombs that can only be disarmed by Miners. Any other piece that attacks the bomb will be destroyed! Stratego CD-ROM uses 3D soldiers instead of the square pieces from the board game. Once they attack, they will morph into their appropriate rank and an animated battle will ensue. In addition to the classic game as described above, players can choose from the following game modes: Alliance Campaign, Ultimate Campaign, Ultimate Lightning and Alliance Lightning. Ultimate Campaign involves one player controlling two armies of 20 units each, Ultimate Lightning is an abbreviated game of just 20 units and both the Alliance Campaign (each team has 20 units) and Alliance Lightning (each team has 13 units) involve four players simultaneously! It supports Hotseat, IPX Connection, Internet TCP/IP as well as modem connection for Direct Play.
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ISO Demo 567MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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