D Show, The Disney Interactive 1998

This is a game show in the tradition of You Don't Know Jack--a brain-twisting collection of trivia questions, bonus rounds, classic Disney animation, movie clips, and songs. There's a heart-pounding option with the D-Fibulator speed rounds too. You can play The D Show by yourself or with your friends and family--up to three players. The facts, thrills, and humor could not be contained on a single CD-ROM. There are a total of 30 shows in all to challenge history buffs, trivia fanatics, and Disney lovers. Topics to be tickled include TV, sports, theme parks, and the Disney archives. Each time you win a round, you collect D Bucks. If you play well, you might become, uh, D richest.
CD1 ISO Demo 611MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
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