You Don't know Jack Volume 3 Berkeley Systems, Jellyvision Games, Inc. / Sierra On-Line, Inc. 1997

Learn the true meaning of the term "irreverence" as you and up to two of your friends are confronted with off-the-wall multiple choice questions, the first person to buzz in getting to answer. Multiple choice isn't the only type of question asked, though. You'll also get "Gibberish Questions," in which you must rhyme a nonsensical sentence with a common saying; "DisOrDats," where a player must categorize clues into one of two totally unrelated categories; and various types of fill in the blank questions. New to this version are the "ThreeWay Question" (a fast-paced, mid-game lightning round) and the aptly named "Impossible Question." As with the previous two volumes, YDKJ3 ends with a climactic lightning round called the "Jack Attack." Also, once per round players have the ability to "screw their neighbors," meaning that they will force an opponent to answer a question. As you play the game (either in its 7- or 21-question format), prepare for some pretty blunt, often insulting comments from the host. He's always there to let you know that you don't know Jack. Master four new question types: Super Audio, Guest Host, Impossible, and ThreeWay. It features 800 new questions. Listen to the smarmy antics of new host Cookie Masterson. A Censored Edition of the game was offered in boxed of Cheerios cereal and as part of "Brain Food Games Two" compilation.
ISO Demo 632MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)
"Censored Edition" ISO Demo 226MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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