Gyossait Benjamin Braden (Amon26) 2011

This is a side-scrolling platform game with a horror theme. The player controls Oyeatia, the creator and god of mankind. He surrenders his divine privileges to travel to Earth in search of his lost love. That is Gyossait, a mythical woman who sleeps in the heart of the dying planet and who has her dreams seep into the mind of man. After Oyeatia crashes down to Earth, he travels through different environments to trace Gyossait. She often leaves behind messages written in the backgrounds and there are also short cut-scenes. Everything is controlled through the keyboard. The character can move around and jump. Initially no means of attack are available. The only available action is to raise a shield and deflect bullets to return them to enemies. The goal of each section is to reach the exit to the next part. This often involves puzzles including launch pads, switches, and keys. At a certain point Oyeatia learns the ability to temporarily transform (beheaded, with a bleeding stump where his head was) and attack enemies with an endless amount of bullets. Activating the form is often optional through an object in the environment. In the "fighting" form it is often not possible to activate switches and solve certain puzzles. When dead, the character respawns at the beginning of the level. He has but a single life, so every hit leads to a restart. There is a strong focus on sound to enhance the atmosphere, and in the opening scenes the author suggests to play the game with low lighting and minimal external distraction.
Browser-Playable Free Flash Game (uploaded by Newgrounds)

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