Ultimate Human Body 2.0 Dorling Kindersley Multimedia 1994

Take an informative, interactive, entertaining journey through the wondrous world of the human body. Will all the elements that made the first Ultimate Human Body a stunning success - thousands of specially created illustrations and animations, dazzling microphotographs, and clearly written text - The Ultimate Human Body 2.0 takes this award-winning CD-ROM to a new level of interactivity, giving users ages 10 and up an incomparable adventure in anatomy. Enhancements and new features include a 3D Body Scanner, great video sequences, a Body Quiz Challenge game, and even links to its own site on the World Wide Web. Increased Interactivity - it brings major enhancements to this groundbreaking CD-ROM. Use a 3D Scanner to explore the body, rotate its organs, and see how body systems work, all in dazzling color and detail. Easily switch back and forth between 3D, 2D and X-ray views of the body. Watch stunning new video sequences. Take a Body Quiz Challenge, and interactive quiz combined with a journey through the body. You can even go online to visit the Body Online site on the World Wide Web. It harnesses the power of technology to give users a fantastic information adventure through the most wondrous and complex machine of all - the human body.
1996 ISO Demo v2.0 472MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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