DMB 3: Caucasian Mission [Ru] Parus Games / Akella 2006

This is the last in trilogy of Russian adventure. Tired of worrying about being a policeman, Lech Chaikin decided to return to the army. But he is not an ordinary contract soldier, he's an ensign and the well-fed head of the warehouse. Here he was to start to have the sweet life - with rivers of condensed milk and the shores of oil, cereals, canned food (as well as other products from the strategic reserve of the homeland). But no such luck. Although the situation in the region is quiet, and drills ar not grueling, but there's an abundance of thrills. The educational deputy chief dabbles in torture, the cook in the kitchen suspiciously quickly is running out of meat, and also a new villain - a warlord - raises a scare. The parody of the typical "heroes" of military service has racy army jokes and is stylishly hand-drawn in the best traditions of the genre.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 1.07GB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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