I Was An Atomic Mutant! Canopy Games / ValuSoft, Inc. 2003

Take on the role of an atomic mutant and destroy pitiful humans and their cities in this tribute to 50's B grade monster movies. This is a 3D action game putting you in the role of a giant monster smashing through towns and battling the tiny military forces sent to stop you. Players select from one of four mutants (disembodied brain, fire breathing lizard, 200 ft tall woman or cybernetic mutant) each with their own arsenal of destructive powers. Then, they are turned loose on a variety of cities which they must destroy before the local military forces bring them down. The game drips in 50's atmosphere with black and white film intros for the mutants, B movie music, shockingly lettered menus, and horrified people who scream as they flee from your atomic terror.
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Level Demo 31MB (uploaded by ShackNews)
ISO Demo (provided by Meddle & upped by Scaryfun) 470MB

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