SCP: Containment Breach Joonas Rikkonen 2012

This is an indie supernatural horror video game based on the stories of the SCP Foundation website and made with Blitz3D engine. The player guides a test subject, D-9341, through many obstacles inside of a randomly-generated facility belonging to the SCP Foundation, a secret organization dedicated to the containment and research of anomalous artifacts and lifeforms. D-9341 is assigned to testing with SCP-173. During the test, a containment breach occurs, and the site's security is compromised, releasing multiple hazardous creatures. Alone in the darkness, D-9341's new objective is to survive and escape. This is made difficult by two SCPs: SCP-173 constantly appears around corners and in hallways, and SCP-106 chases the player through walls and teleports them to a "pocket dimension." The facility is divided into three zones (storage, heavy containment, and offices), and contains a large number of anomalous and often dangerous objects and creatures, many of which traverse the facility uncontrolled. The game's primary mechanic is the Blink meter, which displays the amount of time until the player-character blinks. The player can blink manually to reset the meter at any time. Gas can make a player-character without a gas mask blink more often, while eyedrops can be used and upgraded to help prevent blinking for a while. You must make your way to one of three exits which give a different ending.
Free Game v1.3.11 235MB (uploaded by Official Site)

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