Die phantastische Reise nach Terra-Gon siehe auch dort / Sirius Trilogie: Auf den Spuren der Dogon [G] BMS Modern Games Handelsagentur GmbH 1997

In the year 2442 a comet throws earth out of its orbit. It drifts towards the sun which causes almost all humans to die. Just a few could save themselves into underground bunkers. One of these people is professor Oman Tempel which has a theory that an old African native tribe had contact with aliens. Now the player uses Tempel's time machine to get the alien's knowledge to save the earth. The game is played in a 360° view where the player investigates his surroundings. The graphics are displayed as rendered stills. The puzzles mostly are small thinking puzzles which can be solved right away, e.g. to power a machine. Sometimes a item has to found at point A and brought to point B. The whole controlling of the game is handled with a menu bar on the bottom of the game. When the player goes trough a corridor he can't turn back but has to go all the way to the end.
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Sirius Trilogie: Auf den Spuren der Dogon - German ISO Demo (provided by Gamecare & upped by Scaryfun) 598MB
German ISO Demo 436MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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