Scimmiotto Around the World JungleTek 2015

This is a 3d platform created with Unity 3D like Crash Bandicoot game or similar. Present the classic pickup static obstacles, enemies, world boss weapons and special abilities (super jump, super-velocity, immunity). The game consists of 14 levels + 1 Open world mode. The levels are divided into 4 chapters: Forest - 3, Desert - 3 ( +1 Underwater level ), Space -3, Alaska - 3, final cutscene level. These terms "Open World" (the monkey turns to a map of average size to search for 5 magical bananas and solve a simple quest). The game is quite optimized with graphics turned with colors on, almost cartoon, to ensure stable even at 30 fps for old pc. Even though all the graphics are perfectly suited to the gameplay making the game balanced.
Full Demo 157MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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