Hugo 4: Hugo ist nicht zu bremsen! / Hugo Classic 2 [G] ITE Media ApS (Interactive Television Entertainment) 1996

Hugo, the little troll, known from the television series has once again gone on an adventure to rescue his wife Hugoline and the three children from the clutches of the evil witch Scylla. Of course Scylla will try all sorts of schemes, just to prevent this. This pack contains the following mini-games: Hugo on a snowboard, on a bike, in a mine, and on a balloon. If he passes the obstacles in the game, Scylla will already be waiting for him in her dark cave. It was later re-released for modern o/s in 2000 as Hugo Classic 2.
German ISO Demo 207MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Finnish Clone ISO Demo 202MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Hugo Classic 2 (2000) ISO Demo 180MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Spanish ISO Demo 564MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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