Three Heroes or A Very Scary Story / Три богатыря или очень страшная сказка [Ru] Magnamedia 2002

The events taking place in the game take us to the remote ages of Medieval Russia. The situation in the state at that time is not much different from today. Except that a Dragon kidnapped the beautiful Vasilia: The prince sends our three heroes to save Vasilia from the Dragon. You can play as one of the three characters along the 40 game scenes, and each of them has individual abilities: For example, Ilya is not very smart, but can perform brutal things. Dobrynia is expert in diplomacy, if it is necessary to negotiate with anyone. Alesha is basically just all fun. Several arcade sequences play in the game, between some puzzles solving riddles. The gameplay is just full of humour, and the storyline makes the gameplay very fun.
Russian ISO Demo (provided by DnDler & upped by Scaryfun) 213MB

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