Hugo: Fantastische Welt [G] ITE Media ApS (Interactive Television Entertainment) 1998

One night, Hugo's daughter Ruth is awakened from sleep by strange sounds. The noise is coming from the attic and then Ruth goes to look after things. The brave little girl is on her way there and finds a dusty Captain's Log. Ruth is curious about the book and discovers an old bookworm named Geo. One of the exciting stories of her great-grandfather, Captain Bart, is told and it also reports of a hidden treasure in the chest. To open this, you need three magic keys. So Ruth packs her bags and sets off in search. She explores a fantastic world with more than 20 locations and many, many adventures.
German ISO Demo 254MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Hugo: El Viaje Mágico - Spanish Full Demo 165MB (uploaded by scaryfun)

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