Dilbert's Desktop Games Cyclops Software / DreamWorks Interactive L.L.C., Microsoft Corporation 1997

This title actually includes ten different games, all designed to run in a Windows 95 desktop screen. The games all feature Dilbert, the corporate office anti-hero, and many other characters from Scott Adams' popular newspaper cartoon strip. . In typical Dilbert style, the game features undertones of office incompetence and company ineffectiveness, including voice acting of sarcastic quips and sayings in a variety of character voices. Many of the games are played on "screenshots" of the current desktop, allowing carnage to spread from the game onto the work documents the player might have had open. The ultimate objective in Dilbert's Desktop Gamesis to play each game, uncovering a a hidden "part" to the Desktop Toys machine. Successfully obtaining all of these parts (usually by shooting it) will unlock a "secret" Dilbert video on the cd-rom. All in all, there are 6 mini-games that feature the machine parts, often clones of arcade-style action, that can be played. The ten featured games are "TechnoRaiders," "The Final Word," "The Jargonator," "Enduring Fools," "Project Pass Off," "Boss Evaders," "Elbonian Airlines," "CEO Simulator," "Can-O-Matic 2," and "The Random Toy."
ISO Demo 41MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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