Profezia [It] Trecision 1991

This is a text adventure with graphics exclusively developed for the Italian market by the first Italian videogame developer that later went on to make Ark Of Time and Nightlong among others. It's set sometime during the Middle Ages, in a mountain area between the two Italian regions of Abruzzo and Lazio. The player takes control of a mercenary who has been hired to retrieve a golden crown from the castle of Capistrello, where Duke Attilio intends to use it on an ancient Pagan rite. It has a multiple-choice interface: as opposed to classic adventures where the player is free to roam around the game world (or part of it), the storyline in Profezia develops automatically. Whenever an action is to be taken, the player is presented with a set of choices, which will affect the rest of the adventure. It is worth noting that there is no unique path to complete the game: the player may follow alternate branches, provided that the actions which follow are coherent with their previous choices. The structure of the game is based on that of the famous game book.
Italian Full Demo 283kb (uploaded by scaryfun)

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