Space Ace Don Bluth Studios, RDI Video Systems / ReadySoft Incorporated 1994

Following the earlier pc versions of floppy disks being truncated and split into Space Ace and Space Ace II Borf's Revenge, this was a direct conversion of the Laserdisc games series to cd-rom. You're playing Dexter, a guy fighting the evil madman Borf who has kidnapped your girlfriend Kimberly and is now threatening the world with his dreaded weapon, the "Infanto Ray" which turns adults into small children. The game plays like a comic strip - visuals are similar to many cartoon movies. In each scene you only have to decide which direction of the keyboard has to be hit in order to avoid one of the countless death screens and to advance to the next screen. In 1999 a DVD version was released that could be played on your television, in 2004 a version titled Space Ace HD came out that could be played in High Definition and fantastic 5.1 Surround Sound, and in Aug/2013, a Steam version was released to run on modern o/s.
20th Anniversary Edition v4.0 (2003) ISO Demo 377MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
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DVD Rip Full Demo 3.86GB (uploaded by Molitor)
DVDrip Full Demo 3.54GB (uploaded by Molitor)
included in MegaPak 4 - Clone 10CD ISO Demo 2.46GB (uploaded by Egon68)
2013 Remastered Edition - ISO Demo 710MB (uploaded by scaryfun)
1995 RealMagic MPEG ISO Demo 258MB (uploaded by

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