Recovery: Search and Rescue Simulation Excalibur Publishing Limited 2013

Nature is calling, or perhaps that’s a scream?! In Recovery you play as a member of the search & rescue team, locating mission persons and important objects and ensuring that the safety of your parks visitors is always your main priority. As a new recruit to the Search & Rescue team you’ll learn the skills to track a trail and locate objects that would lead you to the whereabouts of a missing person. If you’re locating a journalist, chances are they may have dropped a journal that they were scribbling notes on and the text inside will lead you closer to that person’s location. Or if you’re looking for someone with an allergy of sorts, when you manage to locate medical equipment related to that allergy you know you’re on the right track. Featuring over 50 missions that range from locating key items, scavenger hunts and finding missing persons, you’ll always have a job to do and there dozens of challenges that will last many hours. Whether you’re adventuring in the middle of the day, utilising the sun to increase your visibility or trekking through the wilderness at night, torch in hand, you’ll need to have an expert level of vigilance to look for clues. Taking place over a massive map, you’ll have caves, mines, monuments, forts and more to explore. But don’t worry about the vast distance as the specially designed S.A.R bike will help you get from A to B in no time at all. Included is a mission editor which was used to create all of the missions included in the game. Once you create a mission you can share it online with the world and download missions created by other people. Avoid natural hazards like quick sand, tar pits. It has dozens of manmade objects to explore.
ISO Demo 353MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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