Our Times Multimedia Encyclopedia of The 20th Century Walter Bernard, Milton Glaser, Daniel Okrent / Vicarious Inc 1996

This is much more than a compilation of facts and figures. It provides a context which enhances understanding. Based on the best-selling book, Our Times: The Illustrated History of the 20th Century, the CD-ROM brings the 20th century to life through fascinating articles, essays, images, and video documentaries, narrated by James Earl Jones. It's a powerful, comprehensive, flexible, easy-to-use reference tool, ideal for students and history buffs. Using an intuitive, interactive timeline, users can choose a decade or year to explore. Each screen displays dramatic images representing each year of the decade. Users can peruse an essay discussing the ideas and events which had the greatest impact on the world and society, or view a graphical portrayal of the state of the world at that time. They may choose to listen to one of three narrative tours, on culture, world affairs, and politics, or watch the decade video documentary. From the year screens, users can select from numerous cross-referenced entries detailing the year's most important events, as well as "A Moment From ..." article that provides a cultural excerpt about that year. For example, the year 1961 includes an excerpt from a Life magazine article on family bomb shelters. Entries cover a wide range of categories: international events, business, religion and philosophy, arts and literature, popular culture, politics, science and technology, space and aviation, and sports. Nobel prizes and notable births and deaths are listed for each year. For added breadth, and for information on topics within and beyond the 20th century, it also includes the complete Columbia Encyclopedia, Fifth Edition.
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