Mammals: A Multimedia Encyclopedia National Geographic Society 1990

This National Geographic multimedia encyclopedia is a treasure trove of of interactive information about more than 200 mammals from around the world. All information is cross-referenced: you can browse leisurely or investigate a specific animal or group of animals. Each mammal's entry includes basic characteristics, one or more photos with the mammal's vocalizations, videos (not all mammals), and numerous facts and vital statistics. Also included is an Orders Index for the Animal Kingdom. Ten interactive essays about various aspects of the world of mammals are provided along with six narrated tours that feature many mammals in habitats around the world. Six mysteries are provided in the Games section where users must identify a mammal and solve a mystery using clues and deductive reasoning. In 1996, Version 2.0 was released with significantly improved graphics and better video.
Mixed Mode ISO Demo (works in DOSBox) 354MB (uploaded by Meddle)
1996 ISO Demo v2.0 (provided by mklgw1985 & upped by Scaryfun) 398MB

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