Martial Arts Explorer, The Visual Arts & Pixel Multimedia / Future Vision Multimedia 1994

For more than a millennium, martial arts have flourished in the Far East. A fusion of Eastern philosophy and times of great wars. The martial arts have only started to reach the West in the past few decades. The Martial Arts Explorer aims at revealing the mystery of the martial arts in an unprecedented way. This multimedia CD-ROM has more than 100 video clips, stunning images and illustrations and hundreds of pages of enlightening text including complete ancient manuscripts. It offers you four paths of discovery accessed from the main menu: the LIBRARY, COMPARAVIEW, the JOURNAL, and the TIMELINE. Each of these options encompasses complete worlds for you to explore. Tansakusha, The Explorer, will be your personal guide to an entire universe of knowledge. A breathtaking interactive interface will bring you a richness of information never before found in one source. Come and experience the definitive martial arts source. It also came with a book The Martial Arts Explorer Companion.
Hybrid PC/MAC Windows 3.1&95 ISO Demo 640MB (uploaded by Internet Archive Software Collection)

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