Oliver's Adventure: The Curse of the Dragon Liquid, Oblivion Entertainment / Pan Vision 2002

Oliver and his grandmother live in a small, fairytale valley, where also live giants, trolls and other creatures. Life in the forest goes on as before, until strange things begin to happen: the days grow shorter, the air gets colder, and goat's milk changes. Oliver has to leave the village to purchase food. In the village he gets to hear about the terrible dragon that has awakened from his sleep after a hundred-year curse on it and has made off with the princess! The grief-stricken king promises to Oliver the hand of the princess and half the kingdom, if he can defeat the dragon.
Oliverin seikkailut: Lohikäärmeen kirous - Nordic Clone ISO Demo 536MB (uploaded by Egon68)
Olivers Äventyr: Drakens Förbannelse - Nordic ISO Demo 501MB (uploaded by Legends World)

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