Golden Calf [Ru] Rootfix Entertainment / Akella, Atari 2006

I bet in life, you will not meet a more cunning person than the newcomer Ostap Bender! Honor the law - his credo, adventure - the meaning of his life. Learning about the millionaires Koreiko, living in Chernomorsk, and gathered around him are three more adventurers. The story takes place in the golden 1920s. The Russian anti-hero tries to escape the socialist authorities of the Soviet regime. However, his rapid escape leads him by car across the whole country - in mind always the big dream: fame and fortune in Rio de Janeiro! Enter a Russian rally, expose Koreiko, a Barnyard, the pursuit of wealth and ... retraining of the superintendent - you will command the parade! Features: the mission includes a text version of the immortal story "The Golden Calf". It has lots of interesting problems to solve with intuition, intelligence and erudition. Satire is of the inimitable style of classics of the genre - Ilf and Petrov. There's dozens of colorful locations, recreated in detail according to the descriptions in the book.
Russian 2CD ISO Demo 0.98GB (uploaded by scaryfun)
Golden Life: Unterwegs nach Brasilien - German ISO Demo 741MB (uploaded by Egon68)

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